seasons: winter

It's really, really cold here. Like the bitter, damp cold that chills your bones. It's only November. 

When I get home the first thing I do is peel off my smart wool socks, boots, long down jacket and  jump in a hot shower because it's the only thing that gets rid of the chill. Then, I throw on my attractive (ha) nightly winter wear that consists of this, this, these and this.

In said fashionable attire the other night, Adam and I went through some boxes of Christmas decorations, holiday cards, and ornaments my grandparents passed on to us a few years ago. I pulled out this cherry wreath that always hung on my grandparents' door in Maryland and Connecticut. I delicately hung it on our door here in Wisconsin.

I looked through some old notes and Christmas cards they saved from family and friends because of a card's pretty design or a note from a friend too sweet to throw away. We figured if the weather is acting like the holidays are here already, we may as well get to it. So, we threw up some decorations, lit a fire, turned on some Christmas carols and were as merry as we could muster on a Sunday night in early November. 

With the holidays on the horizon, there can be a lot of merriment, but also a lot of chaos. We all know the meaning of Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, but it is easy to get swept up in the gifts, to become overtired from the travel, and just feel fidgety because of the food, drink, and revelry overload. I hope, though, in the midst of all the distractions, I can be fully present and soak up the real moments this winter, pushing aside the frenzy. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it.