A dog, fireworks and a big lake

A couple summers ago Adam and I went to Door County for a 4th of July long weekend get-away. We have a dear family friend that generously let us stay at her house in Gill's Rock, a quaint little unincorporated town. The house is perched right on the rocky shores of Lake Michigan, complete with a long, woodsy road to the house that is reminiscent of my summer drive to camp when I was a kid. The house is a sweet, little yellow bungalow that could only be made so cozy by Marianna with candles, pretty rugs, comfy pillows, a long barn-like kitchen table and books galore on the inside of its quaint quarters. Bunk beds are scattered upstairs that were once used by her three daughters, and are now used by them when they are home, and by friends like us. We were pinching ourselves to be able to visit such a beautiful and serene refuge.

As we wouldn't think twice about taking a trip without our 1-year-old dog (a Vizsla), Marlowe, Marianna, a "dog person", gave us the A-OK and we packed her up in the VW Jetta sportwagon we got in Colorado along with our weekend-er bags, and began our trek to the great outdoors of Northeastern Wisconsin. We were off!

There are other cabins surrounding Mari's house filled with neighbors she knows that come from near and far at intermittent times throughout the summer, and the ocean-like awesomeness of Lake Michigan you can see, on sunny days, glistening from the screened-in porch off the back. Our first night there, we got settled, unpacked our bags and checked out the lake view. As the sun began to set neighbors walking down the trail would wave a hello with a glass of white wine in hand, barefoot or in Birkenstocks, heading back to their porches to take in the view on their own or with friends and loved ones. We breathed in the fresh, cool air and let out a sigh of relaxation.

The first storm approached timidly enough. The lightening flickered in the distance, and the low  rumbles of the thunder flowed like the lake waves. As nightfall surrounded us, the rain started coming down at a rapid pace and the lightening and thunder was not a safe flicker and a serene roll anymore. The eye of the first storm was right over us. 

To be continued...