study in lipstick shades

Today is National Lipstick Day. I didn't know there was such a thing. Did you? Of course I started clicking around and googling to see if it was an official holiday (it is) and what the hype was all about. I found a myriad of lipstick facts - more than you'd ever want to know: it was born  in the prehistoric ages; Cleopatra preferred the color red; George Washington wore it; it was a status symbol and was almost banned in certain societies and created upheaval to and fro. It's amazing how something we all put on our faces so haphazardly stems from such a rich and turbulent history.


Lipstick is something I rarely put on my lips. Blame it on my Midwestern casualness, my deep resonance with summer camp and soul-sisterness with the outdoors, I am a chapstick girl, through and through. Aveda, Burt's Bee's, way back in the day it was Vaseline and Lip Smackers (do you know what Lip Smackers are, you Millennial Mod Girls? It's super-sweet-tasting chapstick...usually tinted in hues of Pepto-Bismol pink, red, deep purple). Driving by a boy I had a crush on in 8th grade, my aunt said, "Quick! Put on your chapstick!"

I own approximately 5 lipstick shades (most a bright pink number that I purchased for our wedding 2 years ago, and one nude shade that I wear most often, when I wear it). So, I'm into the bare, the natural. That's my schtick. Sometimes I wish I was more daring, less traditional when it comes to what I wear, how I act, what I put on my face, but this is me. I think the pinks, the reds, the purples are such gorgeous colors on the other girls out there, and it is so easy to compare myself to them that I have to make a conscious effort not to. The thing is, I am my own lipstick shade (yes, I am drawing an analogy between lipstick shades and people). We should all embrace our own beauty, our own style, and our uniqueness, while also testing ourselves and reaching beyond our comfort zones (in other words, sometimes wearing that bright pink, just for fun, even if it feels weird or out of character). It's so important to tap into our own uniqueness and embrace it. You are different from everyone else in the world and have something completely unique to offer. Different from the person you sit next to on the bus, from the person next to you on their yoga mat, the person you smile at as you walk by to go grab a mid-morning tea. With this, you also have a responsibility. How are you going to harness your uniqueness and show the world who's boss?