sanna annukka

Sanna Annukka has the prettiest designs and, what I've seen firsthand, cards. We recently moved into our friends' sweet, little house and they left us a card that had "welcome home!" written on the inside. My friend lindsay has always had astute and graceful artistic taste, and it has taken me over a month of admiring the card every day on our counter, contemplating framing it and envisioning the perfect frame, to see if there was a website with the artist's work and (hooray!) there is.

Sanna is from Finland and she currently lives in Brighton, UK and works as a textile designer and printmaker. A brand she does design work for is the well-known Marimekko. Her cards can also be found at this cute website that features various artists. 

Don't you love thank you notes? I can't get enough of them. My grandmother taught me the importance of writing thank you notes when I was a little girl and it somehow was ingrained in my brain, with no turning back.