What's your thing?

What are your 'things'? You know, those things that make each day a little happier, calmer, more fun in the middle of the work week grind? These things are the most important things in our days after all as they bring us joy and make us feel like our true selves. They touch us at our core and that in itself deserves our utmost attention. What does the joy these things bring to our lives say about us?

A few of mine are below and they scream "Lindsay time!" and how I need down time to reflect, to create beautiful, comforting spaces (with flowers) to live and work in to be inspired, and somewhere outdoors to exercise my body and my mind (preferably the beach!). I need good food to put in my body (enter: the morning smoothie) as dairy makes my stomach churn and caffeine makes me feel like I am zooming around like a crazy lady (makes me sound so frail!). I also need time with my family and friends, Marlowe (my dog), and a comfortable bed! I'm an old soul. 

So, what are your things? Tap into that. Maybe make sure they're around at all times (or at least more often) in your days so you can focus on what's most important: your health and what you value the most in your life. They're those things that make you feel at peace, confident, fulfilled and happy. Joie de vivre!