seasons: fall

These past few days have felt like fall in Madison when the rest of the country is still enjoying the balminess of summer breezes and sunshine. I am only a little sullen about it because with fall comes cozy things that I look forward to all spring and summer. Like: warm fleeces zipped up, and hot tea in hand while admiring the leaves' colors on a sun-soaked but chilly fall day. Love this! And, Smart Wool socks inside heavy duty hiking sneaks worn with Adam's oversized beanie that I sleepily toss on my head in preparation for a frosty morning walk with Marlowe. Don't love this as much, but can still make it cozy and appreciate the stillness of an early morning walk when most are still tucked in their beds, sound asleep.

These things aren't so bad - they can actually be great - but I have been saying to myself and to others for the past few days, "I am not ready for this." Translated: I am not ready for a short-lived fall that turns into another gloomy, polar vortex winter. I am not  ready to turn in my flip-flops for boots; not ready for the chapped lips, dry skin, cold shivers and the indecision that comes with not knowing what shoes will keep me warm and dry enough that day, and if I should finally buy long underwear once and for all. 


The truth is that the fall and winter are coming; fall has clearly made her mark and sister is here. Summer is slowly slipping away and I am going to have to deal with the temperatures dropping and the glistening lake freezing into ice whether I like it, am ready, or not.

I've decided that the same goes for any type of change in life. Change is inevitable and can be hard  and certainly not always welcome. Change can also be so healthy and good. Moments of dramatic change are when I have grown the most in my life: it has been happy change where I was able to give my input, and it has been tragic change where I couldn't avoid it as much as I wanted to. I've met the most interesting people that have become dear friends, I've been introduced to novel things that have allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and new interests as well as my limitations. I even picked up a husband when I was smack in the middle of a lot of change, was pretty miserable at times, and didn't feel like myself at all. And, he agreed to marry me! 

So, as summer warmth turns into an early and cool fall (grumbles), I am going to try to think about the crispness in the air as a welcome change, a "I challenge you" change, that allows me to work through the discomfort to come out on the other end with more knowledge and awareness. And, to make the process of change easier, I am going to make sure to do things along the way to ease the transition a bit, like having freshly ground coffee beans ready the night before to brew a delicious cup of (decaf) hot coffee in the morning, and hot yoga as much as I can get my rear to the studio to keep my energy up and honestly to just stay warm! These little things that ease transitions can go a long way in pushing you deeper into the nourishment of change, making room for transformation, I have learned. How about you? Do you feel uncomfortable with change (and get the pre-winter blues!) too?