Coaching is an action-oriented process where the coach works with a client to ask powerful questions to get at the heart of what matters most to the client - namely, personal values and goals - in order to keep moving her forward, closer to her goal.

What would the client like to see come to fruition in her life personally and professionally that she can't seem to access on her own? What are her strengths? Is she developing them to the best of her abilities or can she be doing more? What are her fears and barriers (we all have them) and how are these nay-sayers preventing her from growth?

United States presidents, CEOs, medical doctors and various leaders have professional coaches that help them strengthen various aspects of themselves in order to help them dig deeper into their potential. 

The coach is a great listener and a nay-sayer omitter. She is an honest friend and confidant who works tirelessly, neutrally and confidentially with her clients to provide the most subjective, helpful and knowledgeable feedback possible. The coach's main goal is to create clarity for her clients and to have them see their potential as she sees their potential. With this awareness, the client can accomplish anything she wants. 

In other words, a coach is there to help a client reflect on her unique abilities and to encourage her to then act on them. The coach asks the hard questions to keep a client moving forward.

The coach also creates structure in the form of weekly conversations where she holds her clients accountable to action. In values-based exercises and assignments, and in the gradual formulation of a life purpose statement, the client is closer to attaining her personal and professional goals with more clarity and confidence. 

Typically coaching takes place with weekly one-hour phone or Skype calls when convenient for the client, and it is typically a 3-6 month commitment. This, of course, is determined by client and coach based on the client's goals. 

Some topics Lindsay works on with her clients are: Career; Health; Relationships; Success; A new hobby; Better sleep; Approaching each day with more focus and productivity; Organization; Starting a business; Applying to medical school; Applying to college; Building confidence; Negotiating salary; Writing a book

The gist is that fear and not knowing where to begin can prohibit you from taking action. The coach is there to help you work through this difficulty to come out clear-headed and confident on the other side, guiding you step-by-step through the process.

What is most important to note, however, is that the client is the leader in the coach-client relationship. The client determines how she would like the coaching to help her grow and transform. The coach is merely a supportive guide.