"Lindsay has listened to my panics and always came up with a game plan so that I left her office feeling better. The journey to find a job was one of the most challenging tasks I've undertaken, and I certainly would not have made it through successfully if Lindsay hadn't been by my side, constantly pushing me to find the best in myself. Lindsay not only trained me for a completely unfamiliar game, but she helped me really believe in the value of my accomplishments when all I wanted to do was hide behind self-doubt" - Laura AlphaSights NYC

"Lindsay served as my rock during my transition from an undergraduate student to the working world. She kept me grounded while simultaneously encouraging me to pursue opportunities that I may have otherwise been intimidated by. In particular, her guidance through my application to the White House Internship Program was indispensable. She patiently helped me with my application, edited my essays with a careful eye, and - perhaps even more important - kept me calm while I waited for news. I know that I never would have had the opportunity to work at the White House if it wasn't for Lindsay. Even today, while I navigate the successes and pitfalls of my first job, Lindsay is always available with advice and encouragement. I am thankful for her guidance and feel blessed to have someone in my life whom I can look up to as a role model. I look forward to continuing to work with Lindsay as I advance in my career!" - Addie GMMB, Inc Washington, DC 

"Lindsay is an incredible coach. We first met to discuss internship opportunities when I was an undergraduate student, and she later played a key role in my transition to the job market in Washington, DC. She helped me identify opportunities that matched my interests and expertise, and she worked with me via phone and Skype to develop interview skills. She was extremely supportive, and at each stage of the job hunt she helped me to recognize and leverage my strengths. Lindsay provides the perfect balance of optimism and realism, outlining practical steps toward concrete goals while encouraging young women to dream big. She also embraces the fact that people have different definitions of success and happiness. She has inspired me to pursue both with greater confidence and creativity, and I remain very grateful for her guidance" - Cate Institute of International Education Washington, DC

"Lindsay stands out as an incredibly well-rounded professional who is outgoing and engaging. She is empathetic, conscientious, responsible and highly attuned to the motivations and goals of others. She has a passion for helping people fulfill their potential and works tirelessly to help them do so. I consider Lindsay a true leader in her field and any organization would be lucky to have her on their team" - Gretchen Campus2Career Transition Services Chicago 

"Lindsay has a natural ability to connect with her [clients], help them develop practical and strategic career plans, and equip them with the tools they need to move confidently forward with those plans" - John MBA Career Services University of Colorado at Boulder